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Ceneda's ghetto is part of the story of the city of Vittorio Veneto, and part of the Italian Jewish history, but now it's in a terrible state of abandon, in danger of a crash down.

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Ghetto's story:

Everyone knows that there was a Jewish community in Ceneda (a Vittorio Veneto area today) since 1597 which lasted for about four hundred years. Nowadays  some witnesses  of the small Jewish settlement remain:  the houses of the ghetto, the cemetery and the cereal warehouses built in 1771. At present the last ones are  in despair and this does not allow any visits for the danger of collapse. If somebody doesn’t  do anything soon, some other elements of the Jewish history in Vittorio Veneto will disappear forever. The building could instead be revived  and maintain, in the while, the original essence of  the former ghetto.

 A group of supporters is doing its best to make  a project which dedicates the buildings to the teaching and listening of music, singing and dancing with rooms for studying and practicing and a modular auditorium for number of places.

To complete the project, the group proposes the creation of a guest house and also a center for research in  enology and ecology, connected with the most important research centers in the world.

At the moment the project is just an idea . To start the restructuring and rebirth of the area the supporters group need some generous  sponsors that invest some money in the restoring of the warehouses to return this jewel into a new “container” full of vitality, to the city and to all.

Anyone who can propose a project and associate financing to it, please write to the following email address: